Емоційна промова про війну в Україні на З'їзді Народної партії Іспанії

Емоційна промова про війну в Україні на З'їзді Народної партії Іспанії

My speech 🇺🇦 at the 20th National Congress of the People's Party:

“Dear Spanish friends, Dear representatives of the Partido Popular!I came here from Ukraine to address a very important message... Today you may have everything, but tomorrow might be very different...Imagine the beautiful sun, weather, all that we have here around today is suddenly gone..Imagine that sound of birds singing suddenly stops.

Instead, there is this sound… (sound of sirena). The sound of horror, death, and broken happiness.Or this sound…(Sound of an airstrike). With this sound, my life has changed more than a month ago.

I woke up at 4 am to this sound and with terrible words that millions of Ukrainian heard that day for the first time in their lives… «Lisa, wake up! The war has started!»I was born when Ukraine was about to become independent.  I am 31 years old, I am Ukrainian and I never wanted to live abroad, I always wanted to be in my country. My purpose in life is connected to Ukraine. Everything that I was building in my active years ( and I have been politically active since my teens) and was involved is no longer the same as it was.

My apartment is ruined, My personal life is in the hands of Putin. My loved one spouse - former president of Georgia, but Ukrainian citizen Mikheil Saakashvili is in-jailed under political persecution and arrested in Georgia as a personal prisoner of Putin. My family and parents are in different places. I became an IDP myself. As well as many of my colleagues.

And today I am standing here to ask you.Just imagine…  everything you have (your love, house, professional life) and all that your family has built for dozens of years is suddenly gone. And you cannot return to your houses because they simply no longer exist.

What would you feel? What would you do?The war today in Ukraine is the largest war after 2 World War. And no matter how scary it is I am asking you not to be afraid. Because we in Ukraine are not afraid. The President of my country Volodymyr Zelenskyy is not afraid.

🙏🇺🇦Big applauses of support to him. We highly value your support and how you welcome our fellow ukrainians as refugees.

⁉️But the main question now is how to end this war? Not only to provide humanitarian aid, but how to be sure that we build the security system and the peace in Europe that is working and that we will never go through the horror of war again! Never again! And this requires leadership!

❗️I am asking you to wake up! With a proactive position!  As we are fighting not only for Ukraine but also for all of you! For Europe! And I call upon the leadership of Spain!!

And I call upon the leadership of your party and Alberto Núñez Feijóo

🔹Please act with the leadership position of your party to make a change in Europe with bravery and courage!

🔹Please do everything to kill the evil of war! Impose all possible sanctions to disable war! Putin's war crimes should not be funded by economic ties with the European family!

🔹Don't be afraid!

🔹Please support the Ukrainian aspiration to become a member of the EU! Let us all hear the birds singing again without the horror of the sounds of war! We want peace and we deserve happiness in our land!  

🙏But we can achieve it all with the help of those who are not afraid. With your courage and actions!

idealsWe know that your party knows what it means to die for the values and ideas of democracy, freedom, and Europe!

UkrainianSo please remind everyone about this!  We need your support and leadership more than ever! Let's end this war! Let's kill the evil! With your help, Spain!”